GPS Anyone?

GPS screen

Like everything in business, having a plan makes a world of difference. With technology at the heart of many businesses, setting expectations about how and when technology will be used, and the associated costs, is a critical step towards running a successful business. The best way to approach this is to start with a technology […]

Vendor Vexed

man sitting and confused

Choosing a software development vendor is a stressful experience and not a decision you want to get wrong! Aside from the obvious potential problems with the lack of ability to deliver, you could find yourself working with people you just don’t get along with, and that can lead to serious repercussions! To help you navigate […]

Busy Busy

stressed lady at laptop

The buzzword for most businesses used to be ‘productivity’ but now it’s all about being ‘effective’! The difference is really stressing the need to deliver something useful, rather than just needing to deliver something. Continuing our recent run of articles and templates to help you be more effective at work (and life!), we’ve added a […]

It’s a Small World

foreign street with bright shop signage

The world is definitely getting smaller. Well, in business-terms anyway! Establishing your business elsewhere to sell your products and services has never been easier, but it still needs some careful consideration and a good plan! We added two new ‘How To’ articles to the library to help you make that leap to a foreign market […]

All at once

whiteboard plan

“Busy” hardly comes close to describing how we feel sometimes, when we think about how much we have to do!! A new ‘How To’ article has been added to the library to help you evaluate and prioritise your task list (hopefully getting rid of a few in the process) – click on the link below […]

Plan for the worst

man looking at plan on wall

No one could have predicted how the pandemic would hit businesses worldwide. Having a plan to deal with such a scenario might not have mitigated all risk, but it will certainly have helped! A new ‘How To’ article has been added to the library to help you plan for the next disaster waiting to hit […]

Meet Up

ladies meeting at a table

Organising constructive business meetings is a staple for every leader. But how do you make sure your constructive meetings are also effective? Two new ‘How To’ articles have been added to the library to help you achieve better outcomes in your meetings – click on the links below to go to the articles and read […]

Monthly Work Out

woman working out

Products and services through a subscription model is a growing trend, but some work is needed to make sure you don’t undersell! The accelerator template for Subscription Model Forecasting will help you determine your cashflow position on cost vs product/service price (and even allows for consumables on a recurring basis). Your break-even points are also […]


man with question

The process of settings objectives can be tricky and coming-up with good objectives can be a really tough process for the uninitiated! Following the release of the Performance Review template a few weeks ago, we’ve now added one to help you with SMART objectives. It follows the steps in the HOW TO article for SMART […]

Weigh it up

calculator spreadsheet

There are a few basic budgeting templates every business needs, so we’ve started adding them to our library for you to use. The first three in the library are the Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Forecast and Profit & Loss! The accelerator templates we’ve provided here will help you get started quickly and easily, capturing the […]